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With Netid Sign In

https://netid.queensu.ca/self-service/ With Netid Sign In

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NetID+ (Two Step-Login Authentication with Duo Security)

https://eas.rutgers.edu/?ht_kb=netidplus Introduction: Two-step login authentication, also known as two-factor authentication is a method of securing access to online resources (e.g. Web Applications, VPN, Servers, etc.) using two independent authentication steps (factors) : 1st Factor – What the user knows (NetId/Password). 2nd Factor – What the user has (such as your phone, with a security authentication […]

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CyberBear Login Instruction – CyberBear

http://cyberbear.umt.edu/Cyberbear%20Login.php CyberBear web address: http://www.umt.edu/CyberBear.  Enter your NetID (two letters followed by six numbers (ab123456).  Employee NetID’s will have an “e” at the end (ab123456e). Enter NetID password.  If you’ve never logged in with your NetID, your password is the last six digits of your 790#.  The first time you log in you will be prompted to change your […]

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https://netid.queensu.ca/ Netid.Queensu.Ca

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EAS Service Catalog | Enterprise Application Services

https://admissionservices.rutgers.edu/ Title Description Address Record Update Faculty and staff can update their home address, work and home telephone numbers, emergency contact information, and email address at this site. Agreement for Accessing University Information Faculty and staff agreement that university information may be shared only with other employees or others who have a need to know […]

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Student Housing Gateway – Login

http://webapps.towson.edu/shg/ Student Housing Gateway Logins to the Student Housing Gateway require the use of your Towson University NetID and password. If you have not yet activated your Towson University NetID, first click the Manage My NetID link below, and then click Activate Your NetID in the Student NetID Management Tools section.

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