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Port of Virginia’s CEO John F. Reinhart announces his retirement

https://ajot.com/news/john-f-reinhart-port-of-virginias-leader-for-more-than-six-years-announces-his-retirement ‘I am very confident in the long-term future of The Port of Virginia’ The Port of Virginia’s leader of the last six-and-a-half years, John F. Reinhart, will be retiring from his post as chief executive officer and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority, effective March 2021. Reinhart made the announcement today at the […]

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Fresh fruit exports soar at Port of Pacem

http://www.portalecosus.com/noticias/brazil-fresh-fruit-exports-soar-at-port-of-pacem The Port of Pacem’s role in Brazil’s fruit export industry is growing, with produce movement between January and September 38% higher year-on-year. In total, 82,176 metric tons (MT) of fresh fruit moved through the port, based in the northeastern state of Ceará.The most important fruit commodities were melon (39,600MT), mango (21,200) and watermelon (11,500MT).The Ceará Port Integration Company (Cearaportos) reported the growing number […]

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https://mycareer.port.ac.uk/ Mycareer.Port.Ac.Uk

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C-Port Login

http://cport.culligan.com/Home.aspx C-Port Login

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8.3.1 TELNET and FTP – remote login and file transfer protocols

https://www2.cs.duke.edu/csl/docs/unix_course/intro-101.html 8.3.1 TELNET and FTP – remote login and file transfer protocols [Next] [Previous] [Up] [Top] [Contents] 8.3 Remote Connections TELNET and FTP are Application Level Internet protocols. The TELNET and FTP protocol specifications have been implemented by many different sources, including The National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA), and many other public domain and […]

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