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ACE/ACI eManifest Portal with PARS/PAPS Tracking

https://www.borderconnect.com/ Stuck at the border? Need help with your eManifest? Call our eManifest specialists day or night, any day of the year. Get updated on all of your eManifests directly within Border Connect. Always be up-to-date. BorderConnect is designed with you in mind. Trucks, trailers, drivers, and more can be reused at any time. Set […]

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Login to access your ACE, ACI eManifests and PARS shipments

https://www.borderconnect.com/borderconnect/login.up eManifest ACI eManifest for Canada ACE Manifest for US eManifest Developer API eManifest Mobile App White-Label eManifest Portal eManifest for Service Providers PARS Tracking PARS Search (Release Notification System) eManifest Processing Service […]

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